Video: The Russian Orthodox Church and/in/after the War: Interview with Jerry Pankhurst and Alar Kilp

Sociologist of religion Jerry Pankhurst (Wittenberg University) and political scientist Alar Kilp (University of Tartu) discuss the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Russian-Ukrainian war, explain why Moscow Patriarch Kirill supports Putin, and foresee the future of the church. The discussion is moderated by Dmytro Vovk, co-editor of the ICLRS blog Talk About: Law and Religion.


0:00 – Introductory slides

0:12 – The role of religion in the Russian-Ukrainian war

8:40 – Is the Russian Orthodox Church responsible for the war?

18:47 – The war and the Russian Orthodox Church’s position in Ukraine

26:40 – The future of the Russian Orthodox Church

36:15 – The Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and Western cultural wars.