Obergefell v. Hodges: Five Years Later

Five guest authors join us to discuss this landmark 2015 decision of the US Supreme Court in Obergefell. See posts by Tanner Bean & Robin Fretwell Wilson, Mark Hill QC, Eugenia Relaño Pastor, and Christine Venter

Conversation on Religion and the Rule of Law

We have opened a conversation on the important and timely topic of Religion and the Rule of Law.  Existing posts are listed below.
Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief
© UN Photo/Amanda Voisard

Conversation on Religious Freedom and Gender Equality:  Reflections on the Recent UN Special Rapporteur’s Report

Participants representing academic and human rights institutions in the US, Spain, Turkey, and Germany weigh in.

Conversation on Freedom of Religion or Belief, COVID-19 and Human Dignity

Developed from contributions to an international Webinar held 16 April 2010, Episode 2 of the Webinar Series COVID-19 and Freedom of Religion or Belief. Hear panelist addressing: How is this global emergency affecting our concept of human dignity? How can we ensure that restrictions to civil liberties that we accept for our collective safety respect human dignity and human rights?

Conversation on “Chained” Women

Scholars from Israel, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine discuss a landmark case, believed to be the first time the criminal justice system in the UK has been used on behalf of an agunah – a “chained” woman left unable to remarry according to Jewish law because her husband denies her a religious divorce.’*

Evoked in this case are issues not only of Jewish and British law, but of family law, religious autonomy, and women’s rights, with ”wide implications within the Orthodox Jewish community and potentially in other communities, when religious laws are abused . . . .’**

Blog Series marking the First Anniversary of  Ukrainan Orthodox Church Autocephaly

The creation of a new Orthodox Church of Ukraine in January 2019 provoked turmoil in the Global Orthodoxy and even impacted U.S.-Russian relations. In a new Talk About Conversation marking the first anniversary of this event, Elizabeth Clark  introduces posts by Dmytro Vovk, Andriy Fert,  Catherine Wanner and Tetiana Kalynychenko, Andrii Krawchuk, Robert Blitt, and Stanislav Panin

Two Conversations on Religious Freedom and Security