FoRB Podcast: Qur’an-Burning Cases in Europe

The first episode of the FoRB Podcast. Dmytro Vovk and Merilin Kiviorg invited Ed Brown from Oslo-based Stefanus Alliance International to discuss Qur’an-burning cases in Scandinavian countries and beyond. They touched on state responses to Qur’an burning and goals of religious and anti-religious expressions, Pussy Riot songs and Buddha statues, capitalist logic behind religious tolerance and criminalization as not the best way to protect religious minorities from anti-religious speech.


1:08 – Qur’an-burning cases in Europe

3:04 – Scandinavian states’ responses

3:33 – Is it a (wide or narrow) blasphemy law?

4:30 – What does the Danish government mean by inappropriate treatment of religious objects?

7:50 Different reactions on criminalization in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Muslim communities

9:38 Hate speech laws and Qur’an burning

12:21 Pussy Riot and cases of religious-political expression

17:00 Goals of criminalization of Qur’an burning in Denmark

18:20 Economic security as a goal of prohibition of anti-religious speech

19:48 What should be a proper state response?

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