Knox Thames discusses U.S. religious freedom diplomacy, ambiguous interrelations between democracy and religious freedom protection, vulnerability of LGBT-community, converts, and atheists, and perspectives of international religious freedom.
Read the full printed version of Knox Thames’s interview here.
Shamshad Pasarlay, a former professor at an Afghanistan university, speaks on possible changes in the Afghan political and legal system after most of the country was seized by the Taliban. He focuses on the nature of the regime, the application of the Taliban’s version of sharia law, and its threats to women’s and girl’s rights.

Webinar Advancing Religious Freedom in Different Political Regimes held on 7 June 2021 to highlight opportunities and successful stories, as well as challenges and failures in promoting religious freedom globally.

Speakers: Brett G. ScharffsJán Figeľ, Mine Yildirim, Knox Thames, Elizabeth Clark.

Moderated by Dmytro Vovk.

Webinar God in Secular Constitutions held on 7 Dec 2020 to learn more about religion and secular constitutionalism with focus on the Australian, German, Polish, and Russian constitutions.

Speakers: Brett G. Scharffs, Justin Collings, Nicholas Aroney, Mikhail Antonov, Piotr Szymaniec.

Moderated by Dmytro Vovk.