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The approach of the World Council of Churches dialogue program shows that it is aware that religious freedom and social justice in India can only be achieved with Hindus as partners, not if campaigning for religious freedom or social justice could be understood or framed as another “mission civilisatrice” for Christians to claim superiority over Hindus.

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The choice to respond to Islamist terrorism …, which provokes the growth of an accusatory, even hateful and seditious dissidence vis-à-vis the Republic, does not require a securitizing reform of religious association, nor the disappearance of elective home education. Other societies (such as the United Kingdom and Germany) confronted with the same phenomena are seeking to respond to these cross-border phenomena with more targeted policing, economic, and/or cultural measures, without having recourse to a disruption of their established settlement of Church-State relations.

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Christian theologians have often described the human condition as one of being a pilgrim, traveller, or sojourner: residing in a place which is nevertheless not his/her final destination. In this sense, neither the State nor any other human social-political collective body can ever be regarded as the human being’s true “home.” At the same time, no specific place can be said to “belong” to any one group of human beings over-and-against others; put differently, everywhere, and nowhere, belong to all.

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This article will offer examples from three policies to demonstrate ways in which state policies are set up to socialize religious minorities and integrate secular values in (a) their institutional organization, (b) their religious activities, and (c) their official communications. Comparisons with the historically majoritarian Roman Catholic religion will demonstrate the hidden discriminations which are also present.

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Human Dignity Initiative

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with an invitation to a global conversation about preserving and protecting human dignity for everyone everywhere.

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