Tine Stein is a Professor of Political Theory and History of Ideas at the University of Göttingen. Her research focuses on the democratic constitutional state and the relation between politics, law and religion, as well as between politics and nature.

Tine Stein is a co-editor (together with Mirjam Künkler) of two volumes of English translations of Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde’s works published by Oxford University Press in 2017 (Constitutional and Political Theory. Selected Writings) and 2020 (Religion, Law, and Democracy. Selected Writings).

In 2018 Künkler and Stein also guest-edited three special journal issues with contributions on various aspects of Böckenförde’s work: ‘The Secular State, Constitution, and Democracy: Engaging with Böckenförde’ in Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory 25(2); “Böckenförde beyond Germany” in the German Law Journal 19(2); and “Böckenförde as an Inner-Catholic Critic,” in the Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 7(1).

Mirjam Künkler and Tine Stein also published an edited volume in German on the various reception literatures that have developed around Böckenförde’s work from Japan and Korea to Poland, Italy and Colombia: Mirjam Künkler and Tine Stein (eds.): Die Rezeption der Werke Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenfördes in international vergleichender perspektive. Duncker & Humblot, 2020.

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