Mine Yıldırım is a scholar of human rights law and Turkey’s leading expert on international protection of religious freedom.  She  is Head of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee’s Freedom of Belief Initiative in Turkey, the first permanent Turkish human rights organization specializing in freedom of religion or belief. The Initiative aims to advocate for the right to freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) of all and to this end monitors and reports on FoRB related developments in Turkey, prepares policy briefs and engages in national and international advocacy.  Yıldırım holds a BA degree in International Relation from Marmara University in Istanbul, an MA degree in Human Rights and Civil Liberties from Leicester University, UK. Her academic and policy work covers different facets of religious freedom, including conscientious objection to military service, accommodation of faith in workplaces, and restitution of religious minority properties. Her doctoral thesis, earned at Abo Akademi University, Institute for Human Rights, Finland, was published as a book, The Collective Dimension of Freedom of Religion – The Case of Turkey, by Routlege in 2017. In 2016, Yıldırım was the co-receipient of the Stefanus Prize for her work on human rights  freedom of religion or belief for all.

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