The 2021 G20 Interfaith Forum: Remarks from Church Leaders and ICLRS Speakers

The International Center for Law and Religion Studies speakers at the 2021 G20 Interfaith Forum Summit in Bologna, Italy along with leaders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Summit Theme is “A Time to Heal.”

Posts in the Series:

Cole Durham, Jr., Welcome and Overview

Elder Ronald A. RasbandReligious Freedom and Its Impact on Minority Religions

Sister Sharon EubankReligious Commitments to Global Sustainable Development  Focusing on Child Hunger, Water, and Sanitation

Brett G. ScharffsOur “Kairos” Moment: The G20 and the Challenge of Immunizing the World

David H. MooreReligion’s Impact on World Issues and the Necessity of Freedom of Religion