Why Religious Freedom Matters to Me: The 2022 Religious Freedom Annual Review

The 2022 Religious Freedom Annual Review, held on 16 June at Brigham Young University, focused on the theme “Living Peaceably: Religious Freedom as a Foundation for Religious Harmony.”

Panelists in the opening plenary session shared personal reflections on “Why Religious Freedom Matters to Me.” Edited summaries of their presentations are available below; links to videos of the opening session and other sessions are available here.

Reverend Marian Edmonds-Allen presenting on the importance of religious freedom for all

Each summer, the ICLRS Religious Freedom Annual Review brings nationally recognized policymakers, scholars, and religious leaders together to discuss the role of religion and religious freedom in the United States.

Posts in the series:

Reverend Marian Edmonds-Allen. Why Religious Freedom Matters to Me

Simran Jeet Singh. Why Religious Freedom Matters to Me

Chris Seiple. Why Religious Freedom Matters to Me